A Learning Tool for Truck Driving Students!

SimLeader, leader in simulation, now offers a pre-departure vehicle inspection in virtual reality. This tool helps schools train students effectively without the need for a truck. An interesting concept that ensures students are ready when they begin their practical training.

Virtual reality also has the advantage of captivating students and holding their attention throughout the training. The immersive environment created by the tool greatly facilitates learning, which allows for better retention of information. With SimLeader’s pre-departure inspection tool, driving schools are giving students the best available learning techniques.

With a growing number of driving schools giving online theoretical training, SimLeader’s new VR simulator allows driving schools to do the pre-departure inspection virtually, thus maximizing the use of the truck fleet for practical lessons.

The product is available in different license packages. In some cases, students can even download it from SimLeader’s website to minimize the administrative workload. Selling the product is also an opportunity for driving schools to make additional income… a significant benefit!

For more information, and to order a personalized package, please contact SimLeader today!

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