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    simleader ambulance simulator
    simleader ambulance simulation

    The most advanced ambulance driver and paramedic training in the world

    SimLeader is the simulation leader for ambulance drivers and paramedics. Our simulators and simulations in this area remain in a class apart. ERBoxSim allows you to train your paramedics to better manage their stress during an intervention. Climate conditions, road conditions, as well as road traffic add a lot of stress on ambulance drivers and paramedics. In order to prepare your paramedics for the unpredictable and to properly evaluate their limitations and capacities under stress, ERBoxSim has pushed the limits of immersive training.


    The simulation capability of ERBoxSim goes well beyond driving simulation. It allows you to train your paramedics on first aid interventions in realistic road conditions. D-BOX motion technology allows for an immersive simulation that will take your breath away!

    ERBoxSim  allows you to train the next generation of paramedics to respond quickly to emergency situations requiring medical attention.

    Our engineers have created ERBoxSim to help save lives!

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