Simleader, a leader in the field of high-tech training solutions, is proud to announce the delivery of an innovative training product to the Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Our ERboxsim ambulance simulator, the most advanced in the world, will enrich the learning of future paramedics trained by the TSTC.

This cutting-edge training tool offers unparalleled learning opportunities by providing highly realistic simulation environments and scenarios. Thanks to ERboxsim, TSTC students will be able to learn and practice emergency medical procedures in a safe and controlled environment, thereby preparing a new generation of healthcare professionals to effectively respond to real-world emergencies.

Simleader is honored to collaborate with TSTC, and we look forward to seeing how our ERboxsim simulator will contribute to shaping the future of paramedic training. We are convinced that this revolutionary technology will be an invaluable asset for TSTC students, helping them prepare to save lives.