Simleader, the manufacturer of revolutionary ambulance simulators, was present at the ArabHealth trade fair in Dubai, one of the most important events in the healthcare industry, attracting 130,000 visitors and 3,300 exhibitors from 76 different countries. Simleader’s simulator was a major attraction at the event, drawing visitors from all over the world.

Simleader’s ambulance simulator is an innovative tool for training paramedics. The simulator allows realistic scenarios for emergency interventions to be recreated, providing an immersive experience for paramedic students and healthcare professionals. According to Ryan London, business leader for Phillips who tried the simulator, “ERBOXSim is a major advance in the training of emergency medical care administration on the road.”

Simleader CEO Robert François Demers stated, “We are proud to participate in ArabHealth this year and to have the opportunity to present our revolutionary ambulance simulator ERBOXSim. It is a great recognition for us that the prince of Dubai visited our booth, demonstrating the importance of this tool for the training of paramedics. We hope that this event will allow us to establish new relationships with healthcare professionals and educational institutions around the world.”

Simleader’s ambulance simulator is an example of the innovation and cutting-edge technology that the company employs in paramedic education. With this simulator, students and healthcare professionals can train for emergency situations in a safe and effective manner. Simleader will continue to invest in research and development to provide superior training tools to healthcare professionals.