SimLeader is proud to announce the establishment of the world’s most advanced military driving simulation room in North America. As part of the many training programs for its troops, the Canadian Armed Forces commissioned SimLeader to design a high-tech simulator facility for drivers of military vehicles.

Artificial intelligence in the service of driver training

With its artificial intelligence-based technology, the facility makes it possible for more than 25 simulators to interact and create stunningly realistic graphics and an authentic driving experience. The simulators will be used to train military personnel to drive different vehicles.

Instructors will be able to call up training scenarios that are difficult to recreate in conventional training courses. They can also change the weather conditions, the terrain, and switch from urban to rural environments with unmatched fluidity.

A unique user experience

“This is a major breakthrough in simulation at all levels,” says Robert F. Demers, managing director of SimLeader. “The simulators create a virtual reality that allows interventions both inside and outside the vehicles. The fluidity of the simulations in an urban environment offers a level of realism we have never seen until now.”

The integrated artificial intelligence enables scalable scenarios based on soldiers’ reactions to various situations. As a technological advance, it will facilitate high-level military training in a secure environment.

About SimLeader

SimLeader is an international company with offices in Canada and the United States. It specializes in the manufacture of simulators and the creation of virtual simulations for training personnel in the performance of complex tasks. The company designs innovative tools for the military, the aeronautics industry, police and para-medical services and the business sector.