Ambulance simulator: Cochise College partners with Simleader for advanced ambulance training

Cochise College, always striving for excellence in education and training, recently opted for Simleader’s advanced ambulance simulation technology. The choice was not taken lightly, and for good reason: Simleader’s solution is unrivalled in the industry.

Simleader’s ambulance simulator doesn’t just faithfully reproduce the interior of a real ambulance – it goes far beyond. Every detail and piece of equipment is designed to perfectly match its real-life counterpart, offering students an unprecedented immersive experience.

But the real innovation lies in the simulator’s ability to extend beyond its own boundaries. Thanks to the industry’s most advanced Mixed Reality technology, intervention scenarios are not confined within the simulator. Students can now interact with emergency scenes that take place outside the ambulance, providing comprehensive, realistic training covering all facets of emergency medical response.

With this investment, Cochise College confirms its commitment to providing its students with the best resources available for their training. Simleader, with its forward-thinking vision and dedication to excellence, is the ideal partner to accomplish this mission.