The ERBoxSim is a simulator combined with a software that grants an immersive experience for Emergency Medical training and paramedic training. It features unmatched motion & amp; vibration NAIT simulation, allowing for a real-world feeling of EMT. One hour of training session in ERBoxSim immersive ambulance simulator will feel like a day-long real-world assignment. The exclusive motion system will accurately reproduce the actual sensation of being in an ambulance on its way to an emergency situation scene, as well as the traffic, road conditions and inertia like speed acceleration and deceleration, pitch and roll, road vibration, curb and potholes.

Next generation EM Ts clinicians need to be trained to respond quickly to emergency situations involving medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes. oee•e•

By Emergency raising Medical student Services awareness procedures of real-worldand safe practices, you will contribute instilling a sense of responsibility and maintaining consistency in the future EM Ts and paramedics.

Features :

  • Base on a real ambulance
  • Motion technology
  • Customizable and plug & play
  • Ready to drive & for training