New helicopter simulator gives Cochise College a leading-edge training center for air rescue

We are delighted to announce that Cochise College has become the benchmark for specialized paramedic training with the order of a new medical helicopter simulator from Simleader. This pedagogical innovation will propel Cochise College to the cutting edge of air rescue training.

This simulator, the result of Simleader’s most advanced technology, has been designed to effectively train emergency teams in helicopter interventions. Precision is at the heart of this project: future paramedics will have the opportunity to train on emergency maneuvers in an environment that faithfully reproduces the interior of a medical helicopter. Every piece of equipment, rigorously identical to that found in a real flying unit, is fully functional to guarantee an unrivalled training experience.

But the real tour de force of this simulator lies in its pioneering integration of Mix Reality technology. For the first time anywhere in the world, learners will be able to extend their training experience outside the simulator, opening up even wider and more realistic training scenarios.

This investment confirms Cochise College’s ongoing commitment to providing first-class training, by surrounding itself with the most innovative partners such as Simleader.