Emergency medical services students at Mid-Plains Community College are about to enjoy an unprecedented training experience, thanks to a state-of-the-art ambulance simulator from Simleader.

Installed on the college’s south campus in North Platte, SimLeader’s one-of-a-kind ambulance simulator offers the world’s most advanced technology. The simulator immerses students in a highly realistic ambulance environment. ERBoxSim enables them to hone their skills in a controlled, safe atmosphere before facing real emergency situations.

Alex McConnell, coordinator of emergency medical services and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, said, “The ambulance simulator is one of a kind.” He added: “Students will be able to familiarize themselves with the sensations and equipment of a life-size ambulance, in an environment that recreates the sounds and movements of the road.”


Impressive features of the ambulance simulator:

  • Robust aluminum ambulance design
  • Intelligent hydraulic system with road-simulating movement
  • Authentic road simulation experience
  • High-resolution screens to simulate the external environment
  • Nebraska route simulation designed specifically for Mid-Plains Community College
  • Instructor-guided, software-assisted training scenarios
  • Full temperature control
  • Adjustable LED lighting and immersive sound identical to an emergency vehicle
  • Electrical outlets operational as in the emergency vehicle
  • Oxygen supply points
  • High-performance 50 PSI oxygen valve
  • Made in North America

“The ambulance cab is fully functional, so instead of simulating suctioning or applying oxygen, students will press switches and the equipment will actually turn on. The students will therefore have the same sensations as in a real intervention,” said McConnell.

A notable feature is the window monitors, which can project recognizable local environments. McConnell elaborates, “We can film a route from our university to a nearby hospital, then relay that visual journey back to these screens. It’s as if the students are actually witnessing the local landscape.

McConnell emphasizes the simulator’s versatility, adding: “Our potential scenarios are limitless. Our aim is to facilitate the training of new learners and to invite external departments to partner with us. By enabling practical exercises in simulated high-pressure situations, we ensure that our students and healthcare providers can approach real-life emergencies with confidence and composure.”

The state-of-the-art ambulance simulator will be installed in the expanded section of the MPCC Health and Science Centre.

Mix Reality, uncompromising technology

Using our exclusive Mix Reality technology, the action can be moved outside the ambulance thanks to 3D environments. Paramedics can train to handle real-life scenarios such as road accidents, emergency interventions in the workplace or crisis situations in public spaces. They can learn to make quick and effective decisions in complex and stressful environments. Multiple scenarios provide an environment conducive to learning.

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