Dive into the Simulation Era with Mixed Reality

With its cutting-edge Mixed Reality simulations, Simleader is redefining industry standards, reaching previously unimaginable heights. Combining unrivalled flexibility and unprecedented realism, these experiences, which merge the virtual and the real, offer uncompromising immersion.

Our simulations have been meticulously crafted to cover a wide range of professional applications:

Police training: From frantic pursuits to delicate negotiations with hostage-takers, prepare your forces to respond to every eventuality.

Paramedic training: Put your teams through their paces in emergency situations where every second is crucial to saving lives.

Tactical training: Train your units in complex strategies, where responsiveness and coordination are essential.

Human Extractions in Hostile Environments: Arm yourself for interventions in environments as varied as a battlefield or a region struck by natural disaster.

… and much more besides!

Mixed Reality, combined with our top-of-the-range training simulators, offers a variety of scenarios where the action can take place both inside and outside emergency vehicles.

Simleader doesn’t just provide simulations: we create customized experiences that expand your training horizons.

When you choose Simleader, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to perfection, precision and efficiency. By integrating our simulations into your program, you prepare your teams to overcome the most demanding challenges in the field.