Paramedic ambulance simulator

SimLeader is proud to announce that Pham Ngoc Thach University in Vietnam has chosen our Erboxsim simulator. The technological advancement of this simulator in an essential fact for the training of future paramedics of the University of Pham Ngoc Thach.

Erboxsim is a simulator paired with artificial intelligence software that enables paramedics training in immersive situations. Erboxsim is designed to faithfully recreate the movements associated with driving on the road. The movement effect is astonishingly realistic and allows the training of parasitic drugs in the same environment that they will have to face every day. One hour of simulator training is the equivalent of a full day’s work.

Maneuvering while the vehicle is moving at high speed requires skills that would be difficult to develop without a simulator. Erboxsim is designed recreated complex situations in order to push the limits of training.