SimLeader is proud to announce that it has just entered into a technology partnership with Epic for the use of Unreal Engine technology. Thanks to its prestigious simulation portfolio in the fields of aviation, paramedics and the military sector and the police force, SimLeader and Épic  have reached an agreement for the use of Unreal Engine technology. This technology will be used in the development of new products and for updating existing products.

According to Mr. Demers, CEO of SimLeader, this new partnership will push the limits of training simulation to a level never reached before. Combined with our cutting-edge expertise, Unreal Engine technology will allow us to offer even more realistic simulations.

SimLeader will make major investments in the development of new training simulations.

The combined expertise of the two companies will help recreate environments in which it could be dangerous to train in the real world. Simulation significantly reduces the risks inherent in performing complex tasks. In addition, the simulation allows you to quickly change the environmental conditions that could influence the flawless execution of a task.