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    SimLeader simulations, where simulation and reality merge!

    SimLeader offers simulations with unmatched realism, both in terms of graphics and scenarios. We are able to create complex situations, in order to prepare users to face unpredictable situations.

    Scenarios unique to each simulation

    Thanks to our control console, you will be able to have full control of the ongoing simulation in real time. You can therefore spontaneously change the climate, change traffic and introduce unpredictable elements into your simulation scenario. We believe that real-time management is an essential part of training, because it eliminates repetitive and predictable scenarios. Each simulation will consequently be unique, allowing you to do more training.

    SimLeader advantages

    • Unique scenarios allow more training, to improve complex and unpredictable task execution for seamless execution in real life
    • Reduces the costs and consequences of human errors and accidents, providing you with an excellent ROI
    • Infinite number of possible scenarios
    • Complete training service on simulation

    Ability to create avatars for your simulations

    With our advanced technology, you will be able to create avatars in your simulations. For example, avatars will allow you to simulate an operation that started inside a vehicle and continues outside the vehicle. Our avatar function allows a great fluidity in intervention scenarios.

    Our extensive expertise in simulation available to your trainers

    We offer trainings for your trainers, in order to optimize the use of your simulators. We believe it is important for simulator operators to be well informed about the many possibilities our console offers. Our simulation console is designed to be intuitive, and its functions will be quickly assimilated by your trainers.