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    The most advanced simulator on the market!

    When we entrusted our engineers with the task of designing our simulators, we asked them to develop the best equipment currently available on the market. So they created EXTEND! Our simulator stands out for its great flexibility, versatility, and unmatched ease of use. Its modular aspect will allow you to upgrade your simulator according to your needs. You will be able to distribute your investment, and buy only the modules you need when you need them! The ergonomics of our simulator are studied to maximize the immersive experience, notwithstanding the EXTEND components that you have added

    A multi-user simulation experience

    In addition to its innovative modular design, EXTEND offers you the possibility to network with more than 15 other EXTEND simulators! This feature allows you to train a team that can be spread across 15 different locations around the world. An effective way to reduce training costs, and share knowledge.

    SimLeader makes no compromises on the quality of the assembly, and on the components used in the simulators we manufacture. We offer you a reliable and high quality product.