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    simleader military simulation
    simleader military simultaion
    simleader military simulation
    simleader military simulation

    Military simulations

    For the military, training is a part of everyday life. In situations of combat or emergency, stress is at its highest level, but the execution of tasks must be flawless. For a soldier, a mistake can be fatal for him and his brothers in arms.

    SimLeader has developed military simulations to master the driving of several types of vehicles, as well as the execution of several tactical interventions in the field. Thanks to avatars, no matter where the action begins, some segments can continue inside a vehicle, use specialized equipment or continue in a closed environment seamlessly.

    Our unmatched capability for digitizing complex environments allows us to develop a training perimeter of up to 7 km (4 miles). The realism and immersive aspect of the simulations allow you to assess your soldiers’ reactions to complex situations, and allow them to master them.

    Real-time simulation on 15 different military bases!

    It is possible in real time to change the weather conditions, and adjust several parameters and scenarios. Each simulation will therefore be unique. Additionally, it is possible to network more than 15 EXTEND simulators to form a group of military personnel who may be on different bases.

    In order to maintain the confidentiality of our tactical training tools, it is impossible for us to disclose the whole program. If you are in charge of a military, police or national security training program, we will be pleased to discuss all of our simulator and simulation possibilities with you.