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    A comprehensive police simulation program

    SimLeader offers police simulation solutions tailored to today’s needs and realities. Whether it is driving, tracking suspects or tactical interventions, our police simulation solutions are a major asset for police training.

    The versatility of our modular EXTEND simulator allows you to use several types of vehicle specifications for your training.

    Our exclusive avatar technology allows you to simulate chases that start inside a patrol car and continue outside. You will also be able to network 15 EXTEND simulators to train police officers from different locations.

    Changing simulation conditions in real time

    It will be possible to change in real time the conditions of the simulation, and to integrate new elements to avoid repetitive scenarios. Our unmatched ability to digitize infrastructures and environments allows us to create a training perimeter of up to 7 km (4 miles).

    Since a police error could have serious consequences, SimLeader has developed the most advanced police simulation system on the market.

    In order to maintain the confidentiality of our police training tools, it is impossible for us to disclose the whole program. If you are in charge of a police training program, we will be pleased to discuss all of our simulator and simulation possibilities with you.